Guide Lines for Parents

  1. Parents must collect report card on assigned days and return it to the class teacher after signature.

  2. They should fill up the "Leave Report" for each day the student is ABSENT from school, stating the reason for absence.

  3. Please co-operate with the school by paying attention to your ward's regularity, punctuality and discipline and by taking interest in his/her homework and in improving handwriting.

  4. Do check the bag of your ward for any circular, work sheet, invitation or homework given in the almanac.

  5. Do not send your ward to school when sick, to attend classes even for tests or exams but submit medical certificate. No half day leave will be granted on any circumstances.

  6. No student will be permitted to go home after the weekly test. Do not send your ward to school, if he/she is unwell.

  7. If a child is late to school more than twice, he/she shall be sent back home. Kindly co-operate with us to re-inforce the value of punctuality and discipline amongst students.

  8. Kindly label all belongings of your ward neatly with the name, class section and Roll No.

  9. Your attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of a teacher or the school in the presence of a child causes him/her to lose respect for the same and will hinder his/her progress.

  10. Kindly do not enter the class rooms either to see your child or to seek an interview with the teachers during school hours or on phone after school hours.

  11. Please inform the school immediately in case of change in address or contact numbers.

  12. Please collect your ward within 20 minutes after the school time. Failure to which fine of Rs 20/- will be charged per half an hour.

  13. Use of Mobile and Photography is strictly prohibited.

  14. Please Check the school SMS regularly.