Desk of Principal

Now a days it is a big challenge for all parents to select the best school for their ward / kids. Many points they consider like board of affiliation, fees structure, infrastructure, modern techniques for transformation of knowledge like E-education, Smart classes and in wider sense the facilities which may develop total personality of their ward.A School should be preferred where learning is like a celebration and coming to school is like “having fun” for the them. Ascent School aims at creating such environment and we open the door of our class rooms to the world / towards.

Parents play a vital role in their child’s education, whatever the age of the child is. A child’s sense of curiosity is his/her strong motivation for questioning and learning. It should be pro actively nurtured and encouraged by the parents,along with the job of a teacher or school system to teach basic manners and decorum. This foundation must be laid by the parents at home on a constant and consistent basis by spending time with their child, providing supporting environment at home, encouraging and motivating him / her.

Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” To ensure this we strictly and constantly implement those teaching methods which are helpful to instill and inculcate the creative thinking, logical understanding and practical skills of every student / child.Our constant and sincere efforts are to develop leadership qualities right from the start. We tap their hidden talents and work upon them. We are proud to say that even their weak areas are dealt with full care and in a very specialized manner.

Almanac contains all relevant information about academic calendar, examination schedule, working of the school, rules and regulations of the school etc. Parents should go through this almanac, peacefully, carefully and to assist the school to add one more feather in the cap of reputation of the school and maintain overall discipline .

We believe that ‘Failure is the first step to Success’. Let’s join our hands together to motivate and help our students to move up after every failure to heights of success and to be a true “Ascentian” and a worthy son of Mother India.